These were the questions we asked:

1. The media is heralding Chance the Rapper and Kanye West as making great “gospel” music. Yet Christian artists that do the same, are often left out of the conversation. Why do you think it’s ok for non-Christians to dabble in the gospel, but Christians get flack?

2. What do you think of this quote? “[Chance the Rapper’s] Coloring Book, on the other hand, feels like the first great hip-hop album to successfully channel the centuries-old musical traditions of the black church without anything like pretension or irony. This in itself feels like something of a miracle. I say this with the utmost love but hip-hop is a profane music and always has been; its energies aren’t celestial, but fully flesh-and-blood.”

3. Why do you think Christian artists who dabble in “non-Christian” music get blasted for their “lack of faith” or “treason” against Christianity?

4. Do non-Christian artists make better Christian art than the Christians do? Explain.


1. This whole question is based on us being in agreement that Kanye West and Chance made gospel records. What is “gospel?” Is it the theme/concept/feel/vibe? Or is it the content? My understanding is it’s the proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ dying for mankind. Until we can all come into the same understanding on what “gospel music” is we can’t clearly define any of this. Because in my opinion a few church songs or God mentions doesn’t make someone a gospel artist or make an album a gospel record.

What is an example of a Christian artist dabbling in “non-Christian” music? I don’t even know what that is/means. Is that like Lecrae making a song encouraging youth to pop molly? Has that ever happened? What is “non-Christian music?” Anyone can make a song to/about God, they don’t even have to believe, it’s art and it’s free and subjective but what makes it gospel? I believe a gospel artist is one who’s vision and sole mission is to preach/spread the good news that is the gospel, but I’m open to hearing definitions not a debate for me.

2. It’s interesting because a majority of the world would say this about Kanye West’ early music and I’d agree. I have to disagree with this quote unless they add “in a long time” or since the days of “old Kanye.” I understand what they mean, though, again we could go on for days debating this stuff.

There are many reasons I’m sure but you’d have to ask the people that are in the comment sections stone throwing. Again, what is “non-Christian music?”

3. To me, Christian music is either exclusively for Christians or about Christianity. Because it is not a genre but a belief and a people (people of God, followers of Christ). So by “non-Christian music” do you mean music not made for Christians or about Christianity? What could/would that have to do with someone’s faith? People heavily judge what they don’t know or understand. Because LeCrae does a song about sexual abuse to show those in that situation that there is hope means that his faith is wavering? That he has turned his back on God? Really?

4. No. Just better art in general, at the moment. See it’s easy to make art when you’re not thinking so hard about what you want people to see, what message you want to convey, how not to offend youth pastors, parents, or anyone. Without any cares, it’s easy to do anything. But the moment you take responsibility pressure begins to build and weigh heavy on you. For whatever reason Christian artists have been behind creatively in music (hip-hop) for years. People need to stop looking to “what’s hot” or who’s making waves ride trends and just start tapping into what God has gifted them with and be the next trendsetters and trailblazers.