Butta P recently spoke to Rapzilla about the time they met a 14-year-old GAWVI and her excitement at when he got signed.

Butta P and her husband saw the talent was there and they thought his production was incredible. She said they gave him a key to their house to use the studio.

“Man, this kid has so much talent,” she said. “We wanted to provide an environment for him to be free and create.”

She said the same thing about a young Marty from Social Club Misfits, who attended her youth group.

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She said they were all thrilled when GAWVI got signed by Reach Records. “I was just proud of him…I always wanted him to stay focused on what God has called him to do.”

Butta P said GAWVI’s consistency has helped him get to where he is now. She said his versatility is crucial for any label to have.

“I heard some of the record…he’s always been ahead of the game,” she said. “Take all the music that he’s produced, put it in a pot and watch it explode.”

Watch the interview below: