Applejaxx spoke to Rapzilla at SXSW where he spoke about his N.E.R.D. program, new music, and advice for new artists.

N.E.R.D. stands for Never Ending Research & Development. He did a talk about it at Harvard, where he encouraged the students to always continue to grow and learn. He then compared it to Christians who should read the Bible to continue to learn.

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He also hinted at the three phases on his music, with records coming out in May, August, and December.

Applejaxx’s last album was in 2012, so now he’s sitting on a bunch of material.

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The emcee then shared his advice for new artists looking to find an audience.

“Understand who you are. Understand what you’re brand is about, not really what you do, but why do it,” said Applejaxx. “The second thing, give away content…do something different that you can kind of connect with your audience.”

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