Reach Records art director and producer Alex Medina spoke in February at Jubilee, an annual conference in Pittsburgh by the Coalition for Christian Outreach, where he answered questions about worldview and vocation.

“Christians, we are all in full-time ministry,” Medina said. “Our checks just get rerouted from different places. And so some get paid by the church, some get paid by Chase Bank, and some get paid by Reach Records, and some get paid by a pharmaceutical company. … We are all in the church and all working full-time in the ministry of God. …

“Your work as a bank teller is not any less than the pastor’s role. What God is doing in your life there, and how you serve Him, and how you work for Him for His honor and His glory, and how you live out the redemption life before man is as important as other works.”

In this full-time ministry, Medina also discussed engaging “secular” culture.

“Where we find ourselves as a church is, in understanding salvific history, that the Holy Spirit now dwells in us,” he said, “that no longer does it dwell in tents and temples, but it dwells in His people, and not buildings made by man, but the creative power of the Holy Spirit, the person of the Spirit lives through us. So we are the sanctified. We are the sacred, entering the secular world, entering the different fields where God may call us to, to be the only representation of what it looks like to live under the kingdom of Jesus in this whole world.”

Watch Medina’s full Q&A at Jubilee below.