Josh Niemyjski of Sphere of Hip-Hop and Tim Trudeau of Syntax Creative spoke to Rapzilla about the state of Christian hip-hop. In part two of the interviews with them, they spoke about the definition of Christian hip-hop and the genre’s accessibility hindering the quality of the music.

“Christian hip-hop is not even anything…what is it?” said Trudeau. “There’s not this real tangible, this is what it is.”

What he means is that it is tough to define because there are many different people involved within the church and music that can give it all different definitions. There is not one set person saying, “this is what it is, this is how to do it.”

“There’s no official structure to it, even though certain camps in it would like you to think otherwise,” said Niemyjski. “I’ve kind of come to the point personally where I don’t care. I want people to just do good at they’re doing.”

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Tim and Josh also spoke about how far Christian rappers have come because back in the early days, there were only around four artists who could make a living off their music.

Trudeau feels that with the influx and accessibility of music being made in Christian hip-hop, it may hinder the quality of it that comes out.

“Now that it’s become so easy to do it, it kind of draws a lot of people in that maybe aren’t cut out for this,” said Trudeau.

Niemyjski took it further and believes that there’s not that “same level of hunger that was there 10, 15 years ago.”

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