Trip Lee’s third book is available for pre-order.

Thomas Nelson is expected to publish the Reach Records rapper’s new book titled Incredibly Normal: The Shocking Truth About Who You Really Are on August 30.

“Human beings are a paradox,” the book description reads. “On the one hand, we are utterly unique in the universe. Every human being is amazing, a creature who bears the image of God, who is fearfully and wonderfully made. We should never, therefore, think too poorly of ourselves.

“On the other hand, each of us is just one of seven billion other people on the planet. The sun doesn’t rise or fall on us, the universe doesn’t revolve around us, and every other one of those other seven billion people also bears the image of God. So each of us should never think too highly of ourselves.

“What makes us amazing is the same thing that makes every other human being amazing. What makes us incredible, in other words, is what makes us normal. We are made by God, we image God, we are loved by God, and we can be saved by God. The reality of this is that we can be freed up not to create an incredible identity or become incredible. Instead we can walk in the incredible way we were made to live.”

Trip Lee’s first two books, The Good Life and Rise, came out in Oct. 2012 and Feb. 2015. He released albums by the same names as those books and has been in the recording studio, so his first project since Oct. 2014 could be coming soon.

Pre-order Incredibly Normal on iTunes or Amazon.