Christian rapper Thi’sl recently served as the graduation speaker for two correctional facilities in Hutchinson, Kansas.

During the morning ceremony, around 30 inmates graduated from various GED, parenting, and vocational classes.

Thi’sl was there to spread hope and encourage the inmates with a message about moving on from the past and focusing on the good decisions they can make now.

At the end of the message, someone at the ceremony called out for the emcee to freestyle, and Thi’sl obliged them with a rap from his album Beautiful Monster.

From there he was able to minister to the inmates as many approached him to share their heart and thank him for the message.

Thi’sl gave a similar message later in the afternoon to another group at a maximum security prison. This session contained 50 inmates, and they spoke to him afterward as well.

At both ceremonies, Thi’sl gave out copies of his book “Against All Odds,” and also was able to touch the lives of everyone including the staff.

The rapper was given a tour of the facilities and shown the cells. He was even given an honorary medal as a gift from the warden.

Thi’sl along with the inmates were touched by each other’s experiences. He wants to encourage everyone to keep the students in your prayers as they look to better their lives.