SXSW: Why rappers like Lecrae and Andy Mineo give Sway chills

Sway Calloway, host of Sway in the Morning, told Rapzilla at SXSW 2016 that he appreciates hip hop that has Biblical references or “leans toward Christianity.”

“I find it to be more compelling,” Sway said. “I think a lot of times it’s more meaningful, more beneficial to those who are tuned in. I like music with substance and a message that’s leading people in a positive direction. I think our industry is plagued with too many derogatory, negative approaches to what it is we do … I think a lot of it is probably generated by pressure or the desire to be famous or celebrities, where [Christian hip-hop] artists, they’re really pushing a message that’s not necessarily there’s. They’re serving as conduits.

“I share a lot of parallels with that with these platforms. We’re just conduits. We’re just vessels for people to get their message across.”

Sway has invited several Christian hip-hop artists on his show — Lecrae, Andy Mineo, KB, Dee-1, MC Jin and more — and he expounded further about why he’s grateful for artists like them.

“When you get an Andy Mineo or Lecrae or some of these guys coming in, and they rap as good as some of the top rappers in the game but the message, the substance I think is … I don’t know, man. It gives me chills when I can hear somebody rap as good as them and put God in it.

“That’s what I grew up, a believer. I’ve studied many religions, whether it’s Rastafarian — which is a way of life — whether it’s Islam, or Christianity, or Catholicism or Judaism. I’ve studied a lot of different religions, and I just find it a little more compelling when that is implemented in your rap because that’s always been implemented in our lives.”


Written by Philip Rood

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