Die Daily is a group with rappers. But it’s not a rap group.

Rapzilla interviewed Sean C. Johnson, Kadence and more members of Die Daily at SXSW 2016 about the Oklahoma City-based collective.

“Really, anybody can be apart of Die Daily,” Kadence said. “It’s not something you really join in a way to where you’re signed or anything like that. But it’s more of a movement, and we just stand on the pillars of living for God, dying to self and serving others.”

While anybody can join Die Daily, it does have a roster of artists, producers and DJ’s including B-Les, Apoc, Dillon Chase, Cam, Cash Hollistah, A. Ward, Street Hymns, KT Hallel, Skyler Young, OnBeatMusic, HaloHitz, DB 405 and Pano.

As a collective and broader movement, Die Daily prioritizes ministry over music.

“The one thing I really love about Die Daily is that we’re really community-focused,” Sean C. Johnson said. “A lot of us work for an organization called Youth for Christ, and we actually go out and serve the community, like we get to share the Gospel with people and we mentor young adults. It’s really important that what we say in our music, we actually walk that out in real life.”

Watch Rapzilla’s six-part interview with Die Daily below.