Promise, the newest signee to the record label Good Fruit Co., told Rapzilla at SXSW 2016 about how he connected with the label and ultimately signed there. He also talked about his contribution to the soundtrack which I Am Second released alongside No Malice’s new film, The End of Malice.

Promise said that he initially connected with Good Fruit through J. Han, who Promise discovered on Rapzilla and brought to Toronto to perform. J. Han soon heard and was impressed by Promise’s music, which led to Good Fruit — which also includes Sam Ock and AMP member CL — inviting him on tour.

“They’re good people — no pun intended,” Promise said. “They’re good people. The music’s good. For me, it’s not too serious. I’m about integrity, good character, good business and they’re good guys.”

Watch Promise’s two-part interview below.