Hip-hop personality Sway, recently chatted with Rapzilla at SXSW where he spoke about the impact of Christian rap in music among a slew of hot button topics.

Sway thinks Christianity has already made an impact in the mainstream, and it will just continue to grow.

“We’ve seen it happen. We’ve seen Christian content being accepted in mainstream hip-hop when you got artists like Lecrae who’s putting out number one albums, you know, across the board,” said Sway.

He continued, “I think it gets to a point where you don’t even have to differentiate as much whether it’s Christian rap or not. In fact, that’s just us marginalizing artists who just so happen to go a certain direction with their music.”

Sway thinks these artists have figured out formulaic ways of making music and songs.

He cited Kanye, Run DMC, and Tupac as examples of artists who at one point or another threw some Christianity into their music and it was accepted.

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Sway also said, he gives underground artists a shot because he was once an artist himself. “I recall a time when you just couldn’t get a lot of opportunity if you didn’t have the right affiliation, and you definitely wasn’t going to get on the right platforms that you wanted to be on,” he shared. “I don’t think music should be defined by affiliation or money, or who you’re down with. It should be determined by talent.”

He wants to share his visibility to hip-hop with everyone he can.

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