Trip Lee hosted a video on The Gospel Coalition that spoke about becoming a Calvinist as a minority with Alex Medina and Jemar Tisby.

The three spoke about being Reformed Calvinists and how as minority groups they initially felt alone in their faith walk.

“…If you go deeper and richer in your theology that you’ll lose the emotional experience of the Christian life,” said Medina of the fears of Calvinism. In his life, this is not the case.

Trip Lee says it just gels and makes sense for him. It was a “fine-tuned” path of how he already viewed scripture.

The description reads: “Trip Lee (hip-hop artist and pastor of Cornerstone Church in Atlanta), Alex Medina (creative director at Reach Records), and Jemar Tisby (co-founder of Reformed African American Network) tell us how they came to embrace Reformed theology. As they share their stories, we hear how Scripture, discipleship, and John Piper played into the process; how their families and churches received the change; and more. Further, as minorities they consider the best way to reach others in urban environments with Reformed doctrine.”

Listen to the full interview below: