Humble Beast and Western Seminary are partnering together to present The Canvas Conference on August 12 and 13 at the Imago Dei Community in Portland, OR.

The vision of the conference is to “inform all acts of human creativity and beauty with Biblical, gospel-centered theology for the worship of the triune God.”

Speakers include Bret Lott, Shai Linne, Aaron Ivey, Micah Bournes, and more. Some of the performers include Propaganda, Jackie Hill Perry, Kings Kaleidoscope, and more.

The press release states:

“By design, the Canvas Conference stands at the intersection of theology and creativity. Our hope and heart in this venture is gospel-oriented and gospel-driven. We want to help build strong theological foundations for the artist and, likewise, to push Christians to pursue creative orthodoxy in their theological craft. We have found that without theology, creativity wanders from its original significance and purpose; while without creativity, theology often becomes cold, distant, and futile.

In response, The Canvas Conference seeks to build bridges between the artist and the theologian by inviting God to take center stage in every human endeavor. We want to watch the Lord as he put theology and creativity in their proper place. We want to show that creativity begins and ends with the God of Christian Scripture. It is our Creator who created us in his image to create. Thus, we should do so for his glory, for our good, and for the benefit of all. To do this rightly, we need to hear God speak. So we gather together at Canvas to listen to the Lord and be changed by his thoughts on art, the creative act, what he thinks about us, what he has made us to be, and how he can transform our broken attempts at beauty into means of divine grace.”

The theme of the event will be images and idols. The Canvas Conference hopes to show the balance of sin and purpose and how to glorify God through art, rather than make it a “god.”

Early registration is $55, which is a savings of $20 if done before April 30.

There are also VIP lunch/dinner and Q&A tickets available for $100 as well as a ticket that includes both for $120.

For more information on the event, speakers, performers, and tickets, click here