Levi Hinson has released his new, nine-track project titled Faceless.

Hinson, a member of Rapzilla’s 2015 Freshmen class, featured Asaiah Ziv, Sam Stan, Montell Fish and more on the project.

Levi debuted in 2014 with Home, which earned him a spot on our 5 Teen Rappers to Watch list.

Faceless was executive produced by members of the Our Internet Friends collective, which consists of Hinson, Drew Famous, Kevin Hackett, Andrew Mulat and Cullen Livingstone.


1. Faceless
2. Mirror (feat. Asaiah Ziv)
3. Vomit (feat. Montell Fish)
4. Back Seat
5. Gravity (feat. Kevin Hackett & Jordan Nitchoff)
6. With You (feat. Emily Sconyers)
7. Pro Rappers (feat. Drew Famous, Louie Free, & Sam Stan)
8. Smile
9. Such Great Heights