Krum released his first music video for him and Rob Viktum’s album, Bare Knuckle Gospel, releasing on April 28. The video is for, “Abraham’s Nephew’s Wife,” which was shot entirely in black and white.

The song title for the track is referring to Lot’s wife who turned around to look at Sodom and Gomorra as God destroyed the city. She was then turned into a pillar of salt.

Watch the video below:


1. Genesis

2. Suitcases and Passports

3. Emily Morgan

4. Merci

5. The Rain Come (feat Jabee)

6. Before The Monsters Came

7. Nineveh (feat Denmark Vessey)

8. Grandma’s Prayer

9. Abraham’s Nephew’s Wife

10. The Real Question

The artist formerly known as Playdough, recently released his first single, “Emily Morgan.” It pays homage to a slave that played a big part in Texas defeating Santa Ana.

“There was a slave that played a huge part in Texas defeating Santa Ana. This is dedicated to her,” he wrote on Twitter.

Krum also explained the name change in an email blast:

“I’m making some changes over here so I wanted to let you all know the latest. This will be the last e-mail that you get from Playdough. Don’t worry, I’m still making music and going strong. From now on all of my music will be under the name ‘Krum’. I know that’s a major change, but it’s great news and I’m super excited about moving forward. I made a quick video to explain the reason for the change and what the future looks like for me.”