I never thought that we would ever see an end play /
Until the day I got the call about MJ

“I feel like some people live like they’re always going to have a second chance,” Ki’Shon Furlow said. “And it really hit us when my cousin MJ passed away at 20 years old.”

Furlow talked to Rapzilla at SXSW 2016 about his Feb. EP, Voices, as well as track No. 4 of the project, “Fate”, on which he told the story about the death of his cousin and how it impacted his family.

Behind “Fate” are also questions, sparked by a drastic change in Furlow since his youth.

“How do I live and love my cousins and be with my cousins, but we have different life goals?” Furlow said. “‘I can’t sit on the couch with you and smoke weed all day, but I love you.’ How do you be friends with these people who you grew up with and that you really love, but somehow keep them from doing the things that they’re doing, knowing that you all did the same things growing up, knowing that you all had the same trajectory? … What made you change?”

Watch Furlow’s three-part interview about Voices below, and buy the EP on iTunes.