Producer and A&R Joseph Prielozny met with Rapzilla during SXSW to talk about what he’s up to with COBRA and also explained the reason for his departure from Reach Records.

Prielozny said he built a relationship with for King & Country, and they were always pitching him to the WORD record label. They were trying to get into hip-hop. He was with Reach for eight years, and he was trying to figure out a way to make this collaboration work. Ultimately, it came down to WORD being located in Nashville and he and his wife wanting to move back there.

Now he gets to be on the forefront of Christian rap getting bigger through label’s new interest in it.

“I feel like the genre needs to grow and here’s a company that has resources and they want to back it,” he explained. “This will great for the genre as just a whole to grow.”

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The producer said COBRA are excited at the prospect of sending Hollyn’s Amy Grant sampled song, “Nothing On You,” going to radio.

Watch the interview below: