Bad Rap, a documentary about Asian-American hip-hop artists which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last Saturday, features New York-based artist MC Jin.

“[Jin], who seemed destined to be the first Asian-American rap superstar back in the early 2000s, speaks quite frankly in the documentary, explaining the challenges and pitfalls of being the first act of his kind,” Mashable said.

A video clip from Bad Rap with Jin is below.

Jin — who released his last album, XIV:LIX (14:59), in Oct. 2014 — has served as a pioneer for Asian-American rappers.

“If Jin didn’t happen, I would have no musical career,” Sam Ock told Rapzilla in 2015. “He really planted the idea that it’s possible for an Asian American to become an artist. Back then, the only other real, key Asian in media was Long Duk Dong. There weren’t Asians, so because of that, we didn’t think [being an artist] was possible.”