Listen to J-Giles Son’s new album 80AYEchD, featuring Benjah, Ki’Shon Furlow, Drew Allen, Swift fka R-Swift and many more.

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1. 80ayechd (feat. Ki’shon Furlow)
2. Distractions (feat. Mouthpi3ce)
3. Gettin’ Loud Now (feat. Wise)
4, Grindin’ Mayne (feat. Benjah)
5. Not Confused (feat. Alysia Ferrari)
6. Not Too Late (feat. Roy Tosh)
7. Driftin’ (feat. Kayla Starks & Drew Allen)
8. Feel the Summer (feat. Alysia Ferrari)
9. Wherever (feat. Kaitlin Connor)
10. Down Fo’ Ya (feat. Swift & Drew Allen)
11. Still Feeling