Eshon Burgundy — who released his last LP, The Fear of God, on Humble Beast Records in March 2015 — has announced details about his third studio album, which will drop on his own label, NFTRY (formerly Salvation Armie Music Group).

His album is titled The Passover and releases on May 27.

“[The Passover] is loosely inspired by ‘The Passover’ of Exodus,” Eshon said. “The story is a powerful one about God delivering His chosen people, held captive by Pharaoh in Egypt, out of bondage. As they obeyed His commands, they were spared — passed over unharmed by the death angel when it arrived as the finale of God’s 10 plagues. This account in the Bible is about liberation and, as a man once confined to the four walls of a public housing community, I share the experience of an oppressed people.

“Growing up, my community, Passyunk Homes, wasn’t designed as an outlet. It was more like a dead end. Living in makeshift houses made of cinder blocks and tar, I saw a world filled with drug dealers, drug addicts and crime. A few of my friends were killed. I was almost killed, but the Lord spared and delivered me. I’m grateful that, by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal death angel has passed over my soul. This album is an expression of that.”

Dee Black, Maison de Grace (House of Grace) and Agee Boy executive produced The Passover.


  1. Intro (prod. by Radley Raw)
  2. Bless Ya Name (feat. Th3 Saga) (prod. by J. Rhodan)
  3. What I Prayed For (feat. ABIV) (prod. by Nick Joyal)
  4. Dead Letter (prod. by DreKnowss)
  5. The Great Exchange (Currency) (feat. Jeremiah Bligen) (prod. by Wontel)
  6. Gunz x Rosez (prod. by Apollo Brown)
  7. Before I Chose You (feat. Parade) (prod. by Wontel)
  8. Pray (Extended) (feat. Jeremiah Bligen) (prod. by J. Rhodan)
  9. Can’t Tell Time (prod. by Agee Boy)
  10. Smoke and Fire (feat. Stef Silva) (prod. by Carnegie)