DMX was recently on VladTV for an interview with N.O.R.E. and DJ Efn’s for the Drink Champs Podcast where on one of the segments he read off a powerful rap prayer called “Amen.”

It’s been no secret that DMX has been fighting his demons of addiction for quite some time now. He has encountered tons of legal trouble, jail time, and has battled substance abuse that has turned him from one of the greatest emcees to a story of “what could have been.”

DMX has always proclaimed to be a Christian despite what some of his lyrical content may otherwise suggest. In interviews, he has said that the persona he embodies in his music is just a character. He is not the same person that is portrayed in the songs. Nevertheless, the person in the tracks has caught up to DMX has he struggles to find the balance between a Christian man with aspirations to one day be a pastor, to someone who can’t stay clean.

This prayer that DMX raps on the podcast might be a sign that he’s trying to clean up his act, or it could be from a forthcoming project. He is no stranger to including at least one pro-Christ track on every album going back to his first release.

The opening line of “Amen” is, “Dear Lord, I need to be rescued…please tell me the test is through.”

“…cause he knows my heart/And what grows from the start, glows in the dark/knows from the start, I was chosen as part,” rapped DMX.

“Imma give it to Jesus cause it ain’t my fight” he proclaims in another part.

Other content includes having faith, relying on Jesus for healing, and the power of the Word of God.

Watch the whole prayer below: