Christian rapper Deraj spoke to Rapzilla at SXSW where he explained his goals for his next project and what makes him tick as an artist.

Deraj said his last EP was “so diverse,” which allowed him to show people his range and style. The rapper said he hopes to still be able to have that creativeness on all spectrums of his music. “Some of your greatest struggles end up being your greatest strengths at the end of the day,” he said. “It’s hard for me to really do one without the other,” Deraj said of visual art and his music. “I think it’s helpful for the fans of CHH other artists who I might be at arm’s length with to see some organic to what they may have been exposed to normally.” Deraj said he’s “playing with some ideas” for his next project. “I want to give people a good sense of who Deraj is.” He wants people to be comfortable with who they are.