Da’ T.R.U.T.H. announced more details about his upcoming album, It’s Complicated, on Friday.

The 14-track LP will release on May 13 and features three talented artists, as well as famed Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias throughout.

Pre-order It’s Complicated on iTunes.


  1. Meeting of the Minds (feat. Dr. Ravi Zacharias)
  2. The Greatest Need
  3. Mixed Signals (feat. Dr. Ravi Zacharias & Natalie Sims)
  4. Judge
  5. Why So Serious (feat. KB)
  6. Religion (feat. Dr. Ravi Zacharias)
  7. Misconceptions (feat. Dr. Ravi Zacharias)
  8. Heaven (feat. Christon Gray)
  9. The Reason
  10. Perfectly Human (feat. Natalie Sims)
  11. Copycat
  12. Copycat Interlude (feat. Dr. Ravi Zacharias)
  13. Color Purple
  14. The Vow