Building 429 spoke to Rapzilla about their new record Unashamed and their favorite Christian rappers.

The group said they like Lecrae and Manafest. “He’s kinda of a rapper, kinda a rocker. He and I have hit it off a lot. I like him, he’s a rockstar dude,” said vocalist Jason Roy.

When asked about being unashamed, which is also the name of their record, Roy said:

“You can not be unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ if you are unashamed of the story of where you came from. Honestly God rescues you because the truth is all of us have stories of brokenness,” he said. “Once we finally get to a place where we can admit our brokenness and we can admit that the gospel has actually intersected our lives and given us hope, that’s when we realize that our story is actually meant for the glory of God. And that’s how we can understand how to be unashamed of the gospel.”

Watch the interview below: