Christian rapper Applejaxx spoke to Rapzilla at SXSW and explained what his “day job” was and how it influences his music.

During the day, Applejaxx works at Harvard Law School. As he was looking for his job, his wife was pressing him to find something. One of his wife’s colleague knew someone who worked in the college in the HR department.

There was a job opening in the basement at the copy center, “So it was literally starting from the bottom and now I’m here.”

Now he does research with a lawyer on race injustice. He took the worst job and now has the best job.

He said he grew up around drug dealers and in the streets. He was able to go and get an education and now he can come back and help those people.

“I’ve always had a connection to it,” Applejaxx said. “My job has allowed me to be able to connect with my past.”

Watch the full interview below: