ChurchBoy Clothing presents its second mixtape/compilation entitled ACE is Life Vol. 2. A.C.E stands for All Christ Everything and is the mantra by which the Boston artists go by realizing that everything is God’s/Christ’s. ACE is not a group but a way of life for Boston artists seeking unity (Col 1:16 – 17).


1. Ben Frank feat. Vanni fka SoVocab and Samantha White
2. Haters Gon’ Hate feat. International Show, Vanni fka SoVocab, M.A.K.
3. HOoLiGans feat. International Show, Vanni fka SoVocab, AppleJaxx, B.Free, and Disciple (D.I.)
4. On Fire feat. International Show, Bobby Bishop, AppleJaxx
5. WeakDayz feat. Chris Theodat, Arielle Chanelle, RezARec, and Tamera King
6. You Should Be You feat. Vanni fka SoVocab, Chris Theodat, M.A.K, AppleJaxx
7. Fight Or Flight feat. Dexter Soul and B.Free
8. Ready Or Not feat. Trini, International Show, and Samantha White
9. The Cypher hosted by DJ Maverik feat. Samantha White, M.A.K., Vanni fka SoVocab, Caleb McCoy