Album Listening Session: Willie Will – The GIFT

Listen to Willie Will’s entire 50-track eighth studio album entitled The GIFT before it is available on March 25.

Willie Will began releasing albums independently in 2000 and collaborated over the years with Christian hip-hop legends Shai Linne, Braille and The Ambassador, the latter who is featured on The GIFT with other pioneers Phanatik, Timothy Brindle and Hazakim. In 2007, he released an LP titled Reflection through Beatmart Recordings, a subsidiary of Sony Records. From 2010-2013, he served as a pastor at Mars Hill under Mark Driscoll.

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“I started GodMan because I saw a huge void in the Christian music industry,” Willie Will said. “The classic hip-hop and neo-soul sound has almost vanished, and, more concerningly, so has sharing the message of Jesus Christ blatantly.”

“I’m excited for people to become familiar with The GIFT,” Tim Trudeau, CEO of Syntax Creative which is distributing The GIFT, said. “This album goes in the opposite direction in every possible way. Instead of being trap, it’s boom bap. Instead of being positive, it’s Christocentric. Instead of being an EP… It’s FIFTY songs!”


Movement 1 — Our Death

1. No Better News w/ John Piper
2. The GIFT
3. The 5 Solas feat. Phanatik of Cross Movement
4. Election feat. Timothy Brindle
5. Total Depravity
6. Enemy of God
7. Living Dead
8. Free Will (Interlude)
9. Heart Transplant feat. Evangel
10. The Dilemma
11. The Dilemma Interlude
12. The Remedy
13. Grace Alone feat. Believin’ Stephen
14. Faith Alone feat. Anisa Stoot

Movement 2 — The Cross of Christ

15. Christ Alone
16. Nothin’ But The Blood (feat Jazz Digga)
17. What a Price to Pay (feat. B-Doe & Stephen the Levite)
18. Wrath of God (Interlude)
19. Shoulda Been Me (feat. Jazz Digga)
20. You Were There
21. The Cross Part 1 (God’s Justice)
22. Atonement Equation
23. Propitiation (Interlude)
24. The Great Exchange
25. The Cross Part 2 (God’s Love) feat. Jazz Digga
26. The Cross (Interlude)

Movement 3 — His Life In Us, Our Life In Him

27. Resurrection feat. Jazz Digga
28. Alive (The Doctrine of Monergism)
29. Repentance feat. The Ambassador of Cross Movement & Hazakim
30. Justified feat. Shariffa Nyan (The Doctrine of Justification)
31. Back Together (The Doctrine of Reconciliation)
32. The Promise Keeper feat. Candice Holland
33. Born Again feat. Jazz Digga (The Doctrine of Regeneration)
34. Slave to Son (The Doctrines of Redemption and Adoption)
35. New Heart, New Spirit feat. Jazz Digga
36. God’s Work (The Doctrine of Sanctification)
37. Loving You
38. Forever Yours (The Doctrine of Eternal Security)
39. Party Over Here (The Doctrine of Salvation)
40. The Church feat. Anson Dawkins (The Doctrine of the Church)
41. Press On (The Perseverance of the Saints)
42. Trinitarian Love (The Doctrine of the Trinity)
43. The Gospel
44. What Is The Gospel (Interlude)
45. The GIFT Part 2 feat. Israel Felix, ThaKiddJopp, & Orthodox
46. What We Believe (Interlude)
47. Soli Deo Gloria feat. Charde’ Jones
48. Outro

Bonus Tracks:

49. I Got Mine (Sola Scriptura)
50. All About Jesus (Theophanies)


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