No Malice shared with Rapzilla about a vulnerable moment he had when he became a Christian that wound up being a sign from God.

He said at the time “God delivered me from smoking weed,” and that day he was tempted to smoke it again.

The artist said he was going to a YMCA to answer some questions for kids, and one of them asked him if he did drugs.

“I answered him instantly without hesitation, ‘No’. And God brought to my mind that’s why you needed to be able to say this with certainty and be believable,” said No Malice.

The emcee said had he smoked before the questions he would have been stuttering and not been able to answer the kid clearly.

“God gives me the strength, and as long as he gives me the strength I will remain flat-footed,” said No Malice.

What he means by flat-footed is staying grounded and not compromising his walk with God.

“You’re not going to get everybody, but I just want to get somebody,” he said about trying to reach people for Christ.

Watch the clip below: