Thi’sl just announced some big news on his Twitter today for Easter Sunday – he’ll be opening up for Rick Ross in St. Louis.

He also recently released a YouTube video for part four of his series, “Road to Redemption,” ‘Falsely Accused of Murder’.

Thi’sl shared a story of the lowest moment in his life. In 1999, he was thrown in prison for the murder someone he “loved.”

Despite having an alibi and proof that he did not commit the murder, the judge just advised him to get a lawyer.

“I went in that jail cell… and I knew I could be in that jail cell for the rest of my life, but at the same time, I knew that I had done enough stuff in my life, that I deserved to be there forever.”

He said that getting put in that jail cell was the turning point of his life that brought him to Jesus. “I was being set up by the Lord to be set free, and that situation walked me to my road to redemption.”

Watch the entire powerful video below: