Th3 Saga spent most of his time preparing to battle the legendary Swave Sevah in prayer — and not about how to beat Sevah.

“The last couple of battles that have been dropping recently, I feel like people have gotten the misconception that I’m cocky,” Th3 Saga told Rapzilla. “I’m like, ‘You know what, maybe I’m doing something wrong in a sense that makes them perceive that.'”

Th3 Saga said he cried out to God about how he should be battling. The time he spent with his hands and knees to the floor led to a memorable performance in Pittsburgh this February.

“In all that praying and seeking God,” Th3 Saga said, “he just reminded me, ‘It’s not about the bars. It never was about the bars. It was about me. It was about just showing them who you are and reflecting on my goodness in you. Show them that. Show them what made you a believer.'”

Th3 Saga did just that throughout three close rounds, but the climax came in the third.

A crowd which was asked repeatedly to be quiet before the Th3 Saga’s emotional final round grew silent in the middle of what he called the “realest round that he ever wrote.”

“I just wanted to put everything to the side,” Th3 Saga said after the battle. “Forget the bars. I just wanted to have a heart-to-heart moment from a broken soul to a broken soul.”

Fast forward to 3:00 for the battle. Warning: Explicit language is used.