Pennsylvania-based newcomer Pēs releases his latest free single “Waiting Room” featuring Levi Hinson.

“The message I’m trying to get across with this song is pretty simple. There’s a lot of people, in general, who find themselves stuck in this imaginary room where they believe they have to wait for their time to shine or to make a huge change.” Pēs explains. “I would always find myself thinking this… that I just have to keep learning and improving to get to that point where I can impact others with my message and do something great. Now, learning and improving is essential and it’s good to do just that, but God has called each and every one of us to use our talents to do something great NOW. There’s no need to wait in this imaginary waiting room we build for ourselves because God already called us up a long time ago to make an impact and do great things and be great people, like it says in His word. This is the message that lies in the song.”