The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 interviewed No Malice this week about a variety of topics including his new film The End of Malice and brother Pusha T, who No Malice called motivation to stay faithful to Jesus.

“[Pusha T] has a front-row seat to seeing my transformation,” No Malice said. “He knew how I was on the road. He knew how I was growing up. He sees me now, and that’s part of my motivation of just staying flat footed. I have to.”

No Malice also answered The Breakfast Club’s question about doing a joint album with Pusha T, who had formerly formed the group Clipse with him.

“I think there needs to be redemptive power in everything you do,” he said. “If we did an album together, for me, it would have to be edifying. It would have to be something that people can walk away with, to better the listener.

“Not everyone had the luxury of having a father in the household like I did. And sometimes this music is what’s raising them. It is the soundtrack to our lives, you’re washing your car, you’re pumping your gas and you’re listening to what’s going on and then you carry that everywhere that you go. Now depending on what you’re being fed, that’s what you’re gonna put out.

“My brother and I would crush the game, in my opinion. He raps the way I like to hear rap. But my thing is, there is a mandate on my life. … I can’t afford, especially right now, to be wishy-washy, or wavering side to side. I need to be flat footed. And my brother and people watching, they need something in this world, in this life, that is going to be flat footed. Unwavering. iPhone 5 today, iPhone 1000 tomorrow, we’re always flipping back and forth.

“God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I follow his word, and whether they know they’re counting me or not, as long as he’s giving me the power to stand strong, I’ma be flat footed.”

Watch No Malice’s full interview with The Breakfast Club below.