Brazilian Christian rapper L-TON releases new single “Meus Motivos (My Reasons)” featuring Biorki.

“Being an independent artist requires balance between passion for making art for art and responsibilities with the family. In single “Meus Motivos(My Reasons),” L-TON (pronounced Eliton) enters this universe, which is part and describes their motivations to face the routine without losing focus of the mission.”

“Music is a reflection of the life we ​​live as independent. To listen to it , you enter the ‘ world ‘ in which we live and understand why we are so passionate about what we do, “he says.”



[Verse 1: L-TON]

It may sound crazy, but few are here on mission
The beat is visionary to keep passion
The trail is a dream that came true
I am grateful to God for every one that gave the play and heard
Do not despise the written message via mechanical pencil
Fruit of the run, Monday, Monday
Enforcing proceed, pay the expensive price
Why do I do what I do because it is noble my call
Being pro world salt bland, paddle opposite direction
Away from the poison that makes you skin and bone
So change the game, implode the top
Dismiss whom he is king, but it is actually the fool
Vaccinated in antivirus that controls the ego
In the activity because my master is closer
Right by right, outlive sing
And so to assert play on your mobile


Allow sound to play, because our poetry
Simple has a mission to fulfill
Allow the sound playing, believe in the call
And so I will not give up

Allow sound to play, because our poetry
Simple has a mission to fulfill
Allow the sound playing, believe in the call
And so I will not give up

[Verse 2: L-TON]

Changing the night the day, several times away from family
Sometimes hits back, longing challenges
I thank God for it every single day
Without her support I do not know how it would be
Me consumes seven days a week
From the moment I open my eyes to go back to bed
This whole run, deny, not for fame
Build a legacy in life, yes, in my chest ignites
Beats that saw raps, raps that saw tracks
Tracks that saw discs, shirts, snapbacks
YouTube, iTunes or even novel track
On your car radio, also on the second screen
So take yourself completion
Why quality in everything I put my hand
When I see a transformation, I know my mission
My toil, no, it was not useless, not


[Verse 3: Biorki]

Phonographic industry, schedule, run
Call on radio, asks to play another day
Discloses the clip on Youtube, the face, the fan page
On the show, keeps everything backstage
Go up on stage and look at each
Aware that on us has an unusual blood
This is the focus, food mission
Regardless of your runs’re turning or not
Already had those in the illusion is lost, he was frustrated
Waiting return if spade, never
Diverts the focus of the look and go away, traveling
So far we do not know to return home
The run is the sky and the reward also
There are people going to back, thinking we’re beyond
Success, according to God, brother, is quite different
It is revealed in the heart, not in the bank account
The important thing is to touch the soul more than the radio
Do the pros hit the moment bruised hearts
And if the cache is small, that gratitude is great
Remember all that He was already more than enough
Do not expect anything here, you’re not here
The reward is to win some here
More than all this, larger than life
It is the cause, calling, then lifts and proceed