Christian emcee Krum (Playdough) just announced his new record Bare Knuckle Gospel with Rob Viktum, will be releasing on Apri 28.

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“My new album “Bare Knuckle Gospel” with @robviktum comes out 4/28 on @rappersiknow P.S. This isn’t the artwork I’m just excited,” wrote Krum on his Instagram for the above post.

Krum recently released the first single, “Emily Morgan.” It pays homage to a slave that played a big part in Texas defeating Santa Ana.

“There was a slave that played a huge part in Texas defeating Santa Ana. This is dedicated to her,” he wrote on Twitter.

Krum explained the name change in an email:

“I’m making some changes over here so I wanted to let you all know the latest. This will be the last e-mail that you get from Playdough. Don’t worry, I’m still making music and going strong. From now on all of my music will be under the name ‘Krum’. I know that’s a major change, but it’s great news and I’m super excited about moving forward. I made a quick video to explain the reason for the change and what the future looks like for me.”

Read the whole explanation here.