Columbus, Ohio rapper KamBINO addresses the state of oppression today and offers the freedom afforded to all with new free single.



1 finger in the air for the cause….
1 finger in the air for the law…
Peace from a place of straight unmerited grace
The same measure today is available me tomorrow….
Freely offered never no need to borrow
King to the paupers never no need to quarrel
Field of Dreams I’m a Costner
Build it the people will come fill it to get a feel of the King that I talk of
Found life ain’t quite fair – full of nightmares….
Bout drowned in my cares from my Nike Airs
To my New Era a true terror was quite scared
Till I found the truth – it was like air
Started believin’ started breathin…
Breastfeeding started teething….whole mouth now to chew the beats with
My heart pounds that’s where the beat lives
My art sound is so distinguished they callin’ me Marcus
Not Garvey but Graham – Kam king of the heartless
Light gleaming or darkness – I feed ‘em regardless
If they’re screamin’ I’m a vegan well great – leave ‘em a grape
In the jungle where they breeding up apes – heaving em steak
I’m…..believing that if I leave ‘em a taste
It’ll only feed the need to achieve a level of greatness
Higher than where they are….or what they’ve known
Others hiding or silent guess I am the one to show ‘em…..

If Dr. King could use a speech I can artfully use a poem
To leave ‘em excited incite a riot or get ‘em goin’
They cold hearted and dying desires to get ‘em warm
I’ll lead ‘em to a fire but not a pit in the sand
Know they clappin’ them llamas guess I should give ‘em a hand
Society sees the rind – but I eye ‘em seein’ the fruit
Society feed ’em lies when in dire need of the truth
I’m trying to fertilize all the while I see em pollute
Turn roses to dandelions I’m crying seein’ the root
Problem is a problem in Harlem Cleveland “The Lou”
Seen one hood you seen ‘em all – is that how it’s seemin’ to you?
And I know there’s strength in numbers but all we need is a few
Overthrow the system with wisdom and show the meaning of coup
God is my witness that’s what I’m surely meaning to do….
Not only in the ghetto the burbs are needin’ Him too
So when I grab a pen and pad to pen a rap
Envision that and attack every mic I see in the booth
With reckless abandon don’t know the meaning of couth
Maybe I do as Kameron – KamBINO missin’ his roof
Out of my mind doubt I’m the kind typically heard
Cause out it come rhyme patterns defined as out of this earth
Extraordinary was blessed to carry from birth
The title of revivalist till I’m buried in dirt
Matter of fact don’t bury me burn me…..urn me
Return me to the earth as the spurned seed that I was
Found only from God come the words I’m needing to trust
So what he leaves in me to reach ‘em believe indeed is enough – yeah Lord….

A music video for this track can be viewed here