Ill Harmonics & Deepspace5’s Playdough is No More

Longtime solo emcee and group member of Deepspace5 and Ill Harmonics, Playdough, is no more. The new name is Krum.

The artist formerly known as Playdough, is ditching his hip-hop name of over 15 years to go with his last name, Krum.

“I’m making some changes over here so I wanted to let you all know the latest. This will be the last e-mail that you get from Playdough,” he said in an email blast. “Don’t worry, I’m still making music and going strong. From now on all of my music will be under the name ‘Krum’. I know that’s a major change, but it’s great news and I’m super excited about moving forward. I made a quick video to explain the reason for the change and what the future looks like for me.”

The short and sweet explanation for the change is because of the real life “Playdough,” as in the children’s modeling clay company. Their spelling is the same, their name is the same, and it has been something plaguing Playdough the rapper for years.

After much procrastination and legal advice, he says the release of his new record creating the urgency to change the name. Most importantly, he wanted to change his name before that opportunity was taken away from him.

To hear a full explanation about the name change, watch the video below:

For even more of an explanation and an update on his career, listen to the podcast below:

Krum’s first project under the new monicker is called Bare Knuckle Gospel and it will be “releasing soon.”

Justin Sarachik
Justin Sarachik
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