Former Clipse member, No Malice, was on Hot 97 to discuss his upcoming film, ‘The End of Malice’ and his conversion story in which he described as God literally touching him.

No Malice, was formerly known as Malice, until he converted to Christianity in 2011. He did a complete 180 in his life and has stayed focused on his faith journey.

He told the ‘Ebro in the Morning’ crew that the change to was organic. People said they were able to see the change in him coming through his life and his music.

No Malice said in his upcoming documentary, he wanted to make sure he showed his former life and connected it with where he is now. He needed to tell the story of celebrating and partying; now showing “nothing was worth it.”

The emcee got to a point in his life where he said aloud, “I’m just going to live.” He planned on partying harder than ever, being wilder than ever, and going all out in things that were not the best choices for him.

“I did not find God, I was trying to party with the Devil,” said No Malice. “Trust me, God himself said, ‘No, not you’. He did not allow me to do it. Whether anyone believes me or not, that’s what I see with my own eyes.”

After making this declaration to just “live,” he explained that he felt a tap on his right shoulder. When he got up to see who it was, no one was there. He was then led to read a resonating passage. “How utterly unable are we to find any comfort or relief when God’s finger even slightly touches us.” On top of that, he was watching something on TV, the person said, “God is still in the business of touching people on the shoulder.” It was then that he knew what to do with his life.

One of the things No Malice did was start a podcast. “My podcast is about the gospel, and applying it to life. It is definitely the word of God but I think it is very relatable. We take that word and we break it down, we dissect and articulate it.”

He also spoke about being put in the Christian rapper box, which is something he doesn’t ascribe to. He very much feels that his calling is to reach the same audience he made music for before, the streets.

“When I exclaimed to the world, ‘I love Jesus’ instantly they wanted to put me into a Christian rap or Christian hip-hop”, said the rapper. “I know it is my mandate to speak to the same platform I was taken out of.”

No Malice then admitted he has not heard his brother Pusha T’s recent albums, nor has he heard much of anything else put out. He acknowledged that he is out of the loop but has made it his purpose to move forward rather than look back.

“I believe it is my calling to be flat footed. To not waver,” he said on possibly working with his brother.

As of right now he mostly listens to rock music such as the Killers and Red Hot Chili Peppers. “I can’t groove to certain things they way I used to.”

Watch the full interview below:

Remaining Tour Dates for the Film

  • March 8 – Dallas, Texas
  • March 9 – Houston, Texas
  • March 10 – Los Angeles, California

Rapzilla will host the Houston screening on the The End of Malice tour. Purchase tickets here.

The End of Malice will receive its worldwide television premiere on REVOLT TV on Sunday, March 27, 2016.

For more information about The End of Malice, including tour dates and ticket information, visit the film’s official website.