The hottest topic in the news is, “Who will be the next President of the United States?” It seems everyday the latest headline about Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders takes the media precedent above everything else. The battle of Republican candidate versus Democrat candidate has reared its ugly head again after four years, and social media has become the biggest casualty.

The younger generation wants a better shot at life while the older generation wants change. The term “Socialism” is being fear mongered by some and embraced by others. Overall, there’s a real sense of desperation as the public feels they are picking between two evils.

Christians find themselves at a crossroads as there doesn’t appear to be a candidate that backs Christianity and uses it as a cornerstone of their policies. The non-Christians are undoubtedly happy about this and view that as steps of progress toward eliminating “church and state.”

So what do Christians do? Who do they vote for? We asked a few rappers in the Christian hip-hop realm for their opinions on the manner and how they view election time.

The question: “How should Christians vote for this election? Do they go for the Biblical candidate or the one that’s best for the country?”

Derek Minor

“Christian values are not at odds with what’s best for the country. The problem is many Christians boil Christian values politically down to 2 issues abortion and gay marriage. There’s a plethora of other issues that our country is faced with and I think Christians should look at all the values that we hold and vote for who upholds as many of them as possible.”


“We use biblical values to best assess in our voter opinions what’s best for the country. Do I vote for a tyrant who believes in pro-life or a peacemaker who advocated for gay marriage? There isn’t a readily identifiable right or wrong, especially with ‘Christian’ candidates who practice bigotry and worldly ones displaying grace. All in all, always use biblical judgment when making a decision and trust that the Holy Spirit will guide you in your own particular vote. Pay what is due to Caesar and honor the government officials that stand in submission and humility of the government in which you are subject to. Pray for the leaders and understand that ultimately it is neither our political stance nor our partisan platform that will save the country…it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

John Reuben

“I’ve always understood the faith journey in terms of the posture of one’s heart. I’m not sure how the government can play a role here. There are a lot of issues everyone can debate but at a core level, it’s hard to argue that as citizens of earth, and by proxy citizens of the U.S., it is our duty to take care of our neighbors– especially those who are in the most need. Jesus had a lot to say about money and equality. Perhaps whatever gets us closer to creating a system and economy that stands up for equality and taking care of the needs of one’s neighbors (especially those in the most need) is the closest way to integrate gospel principles with politics.”

Speech Thomas of Arrested Development

“I think followers of Christ, must follow their own conscience. Maintaining a knowledge that our citizenship ultimately lies in heaven and not here.”


“How should Christians vote? Biblical values or what’s best for the country? I say a little of both. No lie some people just lack common sense. Just go with ya heart and what is right. Don’t just think of self, cuz WE make the world how it is. WE are stronger together then divided! Keep God in the center of your decision making is a must cuz we all have choices and sometimes we regret are decisions! so stop and think of the choice before deciding to do it.”

Jackie Hill Perry

“Honestly, I wrestle with this question myself. Having a biblical worldview should always be what anchors our decisions in life, including politics. But the problem is sticky when we are voting for people who are not holistically in accord with what honors God. So with that, my biblical values should inform what I believe would be best for the country. I don’t think you can truly isolate the two.”

TH3 Saga

“In these situations, we are bound to find some sort of flaws within all of the candidates. So at this point, we have to be able to look at their intention and their character and decide what would be best for this country to operate in freedom and unity.”


“I view everything through the lens of a biblical worldview. So for me, biblical values IS what’s best for the country, whether we acknowledge it or not. I cannot divide the two.”

Dre Murray

“Biblical values. With the candidates we have right now though I would say vote for Pedro.”

So what do you think? How will you be voting this election?