Bizzle recently appeared on 93.7’s the Beat in Houston, and opened up a lot about his past. His life is a testament to the power God can have in someone’s life.

“I’m a man of God, a husband, and father that’s trying to put out this truth music,” Bizzle said opening up the interview.

This “truth music” is what drives Bizzle to keep rapping. He said he used to write raps with crayons when he was 8-years-old.

Once he became saved, he realized the music he listened to “contradicted” the way God said things should be done in the Bible.

However, it was before Bizzle got this point hat this interview is most compelling. As an aspiring rapper, Bizzle was always hustling his music, but also with the wrong crowd of people. At his worst, Bizzle was a pimp who also dabbled in selling pills and weed to fund his music. One of the women he sold off wound up being a pastor’s daughter.

He once went to church with her to pick up her younger brother from practice. It was there that the seeds began to be planted in his life.

Eventually, he found Christ and still tried to continue his rap career. His music was very much the same, he’d just try to bleep the curses when performing. Then he didn’t feel comfortable with that, so he began just doing the girl songs. Those also lost their luster.

“I couldn’t be a fake Christian,” Bizzle said. In the past, he had rapped about being a pimp and a hustler before he even did those things. He eventually became those things, but the roots were fake. This was something he did not want to portray in his faith.

His music wasn’t him anymore, so it was gut check time.

“Lord, what do you want me to do,” he was ready to leave rap, marry his girl and work at Walmart.

Luckily for him, and Christian hip-hop fans, Bizzle found his way back to music and decided he would go the full Christian emcee route.

One of the first things he did in 2008/2009, was to go after Jay Z – a bold move for an unknown rapper and a newbie Christian.

That Jay Z rebuke track was essentially Bizzle coming out of retirement, he said. The repercussions of that song nearly devastated him.

“I was ready to die,” Bizzle said after the initial backlash of the song came out. “I make up my mind to be cool with the consequences before I do a song.”

He thought the church would back him, but they didn’t. They called him the “Anti-Christ” and shot down the whole message he was trying to convey.

“I thought people would be proud of me as a new believer,” admitted Bizzle.

He still remains unashamed of calling out what he deems unbiblical, except now, he’s more grounded and ready for the task.

That segued nicely into his track “No Hate,” of which he said:

“We have the potential to respond to hate with hate. As Christians and followers of Christ…we don’t take on that hate. At the end of the day, hate and love can’t both live in the same room. Either you going to hate me until I start hating you back, or I’m going to love you until you love me back.”

Watch “No Hate” below:

Watch the full interview below: