Dee-1 appeared on Sway’s SXSW Takeover to perform “Sallie Mae Back” and “Against Us.” He also rapped a freestyle and got real in an interviewed.

Dee-1 closed out the show and received praise from Sway who said, “He’s the very personification of what this show is all about. We like to give opportunity, we like to give insight, we like to uplift…he’s only been that since day one.”

“He speaks out for the voice of the people,” said Dee-1.

Dee-1 then performed his two tracks before a funny segment with him and Sway asking people in the crowd how much money they owe in student loans.

The emcee then went into a powerful a cappella where he spoke about the trials of showbiz.

Dee-1 then got real for a second as Sway was ready to send him off. On the mic, he said while pointing to Sway, “He don’t know this, but he saved my life.”

He said when he was on Sway’s show he broke down crying. “This industry will play mind games with you. I was in severe depression.”

Back on October 14, 2014, he was scheduled to be interviewed by Sway, and at the time, he was contemplating suicide. “The energy I felt, the spirit. This man told me, ‘you got a calling on your life that might be bigger than anything a record exec could tell you’.”

“Every since then I’ve been on the highest of high every because I know I got a purpose,” revealed Dee-1.

Even Sway got a little emotional and said, “I’m about to shed a tear.”

Watch the video below: