JustHis League Music Group members Cutright and Ike Hill have announced details about their upcoming collaborative album.

The LP, titled Chicken X Dumplings, will release on April 1.

“Besides the fact that I’m black and Ike’s Korean, this album is a metaphor for the Body being unified in our craving for something greater, coming together to be edified while inviting those outside the Body to dine with us,” Cutright said.


  1. The Hunger
  2. Unity
  3. MISR2G
  4. We Fly Ft. Flahwe The Machete
  5. Never Be The Same Ft. Trulah Mikaela
  6. One Girl Ft. D.Brown
  7. After These Messages (Skit)
  8. Time Of My Life Ft. Flahwe The Machete
  9. BOW!
  10. Oh My Squaaad Ft. Phresh, GlassezThaEmcee and Warborn
  11. First Supper Ft. D. Brown