Christian emcee Reconcile appeared on Houston’s 93.7 the Beat to talk about his new song “Catch a Body” featuring No Malice.

Reconcile said that if you watch the music video for the song, the people in there are really from the streets. Some of these guys are grinding on the block, and while what they may be doing in the video is staged, their lives aren’t.

Watch the video below:

“The man is struggling with the decision of, I know what’s right to do, but it just seems too hard,” said Reconcile about the video. “I don’t know what it looks like on the other side, but I gotta pay some bills…I got child support. This walk ain’t no cake walk.”

The radio host made a joke and said to Reconcile that “Christians don’t talk like that.” The emcee then explained the authenticity he strives for in his music. A Christian may not tell someone they are going to “catch a body” but a Christian can indeed, catch a body for Christ. It is essentially being fishers of men.

Reconcile revealed that he and his crew share “moments” with people on the streets. They see the opportunity to reach people for Christ, in other words, they are “catching bodies” for the Lord.

“The best way to influence the people we’re trying to influence is making dope records,” he said. “We want the songs to be hard. When someone walks away from the song, we want them to be moved.”

Reconcile knows what it’s like to be in the streets without God, he didn’t grow up in the church. The first time he heard about God was through a Bone Thugs and Harmony song.

The two linked together that it is amazing how God can infiltrate someone’s heart and touch them through any source.

Reconcile also recently dropped the single, “Cross on Me.” It is about the disconnect between law enforcement and the inner city, a topic that has seen much deliberation in the media and in communities.

The rapper hit the show with some bars from “Catch a Body,” and closed the segment out with a prayer.

Watch the whole interview below: