FF5 is a crazy hard to explain band that have been around in some incarnation since the early 90s. The band we all know today, started in the mid-2000s and released their first record, Business Up Front/Party in the Back, on TobyMac’s Gotee Records in 2006.

They mix rock, dance, pop, rap, and crunk together to form an assault on the ears. While listening to FF5 you never know if you are going to be participating in a dance party or raucous rap/rock mosh.

Family Force 5 have been able to grow more and more popular with every release and evolve their sound along the way.

The band also has a number of collaborations with other artists in Christian hip-hop. These songs include “Cray Button” with Lecrae, “Chainsaw” with Tedashii, and “BZRK” with KB. Former vocalist, Soul Glow Activatur, has also been called upon to remix a bunch of artists as well.

With the release of 2014’s Time Stands Still, there seems to be no stopping these guys.

Notable Tracks (rap): “Chainsaw,” “Cray Button,” “BZRK,” and “Paycheck.”