EDL (Every Day Life)

EDL was Christian music’s Rage Against the Machine, although it was never intentional. The rapcore band from California were extremely edgy for their time and expressed the anger of real issues in their music: suicide, depression, drug abuse, etc.

Many people deemed the band’s music controversial, and they were even pulled from the shelves of Christian bookstores. Nevertheless, EDL stuck their message and continued to be true to themselves and their listeners with raw emotion and impact.

The band formed in 1992 and released their first album, Disgruntled in 1996. After a moderately successful run over the next few years, 2000’s, Moment of Clarity, poised them to really take off as a top-tier Christian band. They were then signed to a Universal label imprint but unfortunately, the deal fell apart.

EDL only released one more album in 2001 and never was able to pick up the steam as their brothers in P.O.D.

Notable Tracks: “Let it Ride,” “Salt Circles,” and “Bystander.”