Thousand Foot Krutch, much like Pillar, is no longer a rap/rock band. However, when they broke in during that rap/rock period of music in the late 90s, frontman Trevor McNevan was able to hold his own on the mic.

Their first record, Set It Off, helped them burst onto the scene with vicious verses and heavy music reminiscent of what was happening on the radio.

Set It Off got them signed to Tooth & Nail Records, where TFK continued to churn out hit-after-hit. Their follow-up album, Phenomenon, saw much less of their rap/rock roots, and eventually those roots went away completely.

Moving ahead to 2014, and McNevan dusted off the emcee hat to do a bit of rapping on 2014’s “Untraveled Road” on the album OXYGEN:INHALE.

McNevan however, has never really stopped rapping. He has been a frequent collaborator with fellow rap/rock artist Manafest and has been featured doing verses on a couple of rap records throughout the years, including a few with KJ-52.

Notable Tracks (Rap Era): “Puppet,” “Rhime Animal,” “Supafly,” and “Rawkfist.”