Rock band Pillar is not necessarily known for their rap these days. But back in the late 90s/early 2000s, the band broke in during the time of nu-metal saturation. In other words, they debuted at a time when every rock band had a rapper, except, Pillar’s Rob Beckley was pretty good!

Their early demos and first two Christian label releases, Above and Fireproof, helped propel the band into rock relevance in both Christian and mainstream markets. The latter featured a guest spot by KJ-52 on the song “Stay Up.”

2004’s Where Do We Go From Here, eliminated all traces of rap and they haven’t looked back since. Beckley “never really liked the rap stuff personally…” he said in an interview with BREATHEcast. He appreciates the “art” behind it and the love fans still give him when songs are played live.

Pillar just released their long awaited One Love Revolution album in late 2015 after a six-year break from a release.

Notable Tracks (Rap Era): “Fireproof,” “Echelon,” “Stay Up,” “All Day Everyday,” and “Above.”