St. Louis-based artist/author Thi’sl has altered the release date of his seventh studio album and first retail book, both of which are titled Against All Odds.

They will now be available in select stores nationwide and all digital outlets on March 22.

For both projects to drop on the same day is fitting, Thi’sl said.

“The album is a musical autobiography,” he said. “It’ll take the same approach as my Chronicles of an X-Hustler album, where it has narration between songs, mid-tempo, heavy-hitting beats and songs which talk about specific situations that lead up to redemption.”

The odds looked against redemption for Thi’sl. Before he became a Billboard-charting, independent rapper, business owner and national leader, he faced a mountain of obstacles, some of which were life-threatening — poverty, fatherlessness, gangs, drug dealing and a false arrest for first-degree murder.

Through a series of events which Thi’sl details in Against All Odds, though, he surrendered his life to Jesus, who gave him a new motivation to overcome. Now, instead of selling crack out of duffle bags, he throws annual back-to-school parties on the same block and gives out book bags.

“I’ve known Thi’sl for years and seen his story and voice impact people all around the world,” Grammy Award-winning artist Lecrae said. “There are only a handful of people in our day like him, who came out the fire and have turned back around to run back into it to pull people out. His voice is special, unique and challenging. He reminds us of what we should all be doing with our lives — living for something greater than ourselves.”

On Feb. 26, Thi’sl will release the first song from Against All Odds, “Redemption”.