Canon, an Atlanta-based rapper signed to Reflection Music Group, wants to use his latest single, “Take It All Away”, to address an issue that he feels isn’t talked about enough — depression.

On Tuesday, Feb. 16 at 8 p.m. ET, Rapzilla will host a Google Hangout on its YouTube channel with Canon and others, including BJ Thompson, co-founder of Build a Better Us.

Rapzilla and Canon will tweet links to the streamed discussion when it goes live.

Rapzilla premiered the extended version of “Take It All Away” as exclusive free download on Friday. Buy it on iTunes.

“When I wrote the song ‘Grateful’ after the accident, I recorded a song that painted a big picture of what happened,” Canon said. “‘Take It All Away’ is more of an in-depth picture of what was going on with me internally.

“With the accident came along a lot of different effects. I know people thought that I got back on my feet pretty quick, but that didn’t necessarily mean I was good. There were a lot of other things I was affected by.”

A counselor diagnosed Canon with clinical depression and post-traumatic stress disorder after his life-threatening accident in December 2014, and he still sees counseling.

“Having to deal with that was difficult because it’s like, how do I emotionally manage what I’m feeling?” Canon said. “I got a lot of questions. I have a lot of anger pent up. I have a lot of frustrations pent up. But I can’t put them out on anybody, and I really can’t blame anybody.

“The thing is with depression, people don’t talk about it a lot in our Christian culture. We talk a lot about fighting for your joy, but we don’t always finish the conversation of, why do we feel the need to tell people to fight for it? Why doesn’t it just come? It’s because it’s not easy. It doesn’t just come. You have to fight for it.”