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Music: Christon Gray – Ft. Knox

Music: Christon Gray – Ft. Knox

Christon Gray released the latest single for his Fo Yo Soul Recordings debut project The Glory Album on Friday, “Ft. Knox”.

Gray told the story behind the song in a video which he dropped alongside it.

“I had the chorus for this song that was made for another project, but it just didn’t fit,” he said. “But man, it was a perfect fit for The Glory Album. Only thing was, we didn’t have the soundscape or lyrics yet. Well, Max [Stark] wasn’t in the studio 10 minutes before he plays the shell of this beat.

“It was a wrap. We wrote the whole thing the next night after dinner. The instrumental is a little different, but not too different. My gut says that this might just be the sleeper joint on the album.

“The theme followed closely to my real life again. Sometimes in relationships when you can’t get as close as you want and you feel like it’s slipping away, it’s like you’re shut out. And isn’t that just how it be sometimes? Always feels like one of those James 1-type trials that makes you have to lean on God even more.”

Download “Ft. Knox” on iTunes, where The Glory Album is also available for pre-order.

“I think men and women alike will relate to both people in this song and I truly hope it creates some extended dialogue in y’all’s relationships,” Gray said. “Communication is key. Don’t keep it all locked up inside. What the Lord has brought together, let no one separate — give them the key.”


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