Download indie tribe. artist Mogli the Iceburg’s new free EP, synesthesia., featuring Canon, nobigdyl., Shiwan, Jarry Manna, and Alice Jemima.


Album Bio:
Over the past year, I’ve gone through a tremendous transition period in life. Graduating college and entering the work force, relationship changes, the growth of my music and immersion into the ‘Industry’ ect. Throughout this period I’ve experienced a wide array of emotion. With this project I hope to trigger and relay the same emotions to my listeners in an automatic, special way – like the condition known as ‘Synesthesia.’

1. Blink of an Eye (prod. by Mogli the Iceburg

2. Light the City ft. nobigdyl. (prod. by Vaults and Mogli the Iceburg)

3. If the Shoe Fits ft. Shiwan & Jarry Manna (prod. by Daniel Young & Mogli the Iceburg)

4. Come Back Home (prod. by Mogli the Iceburg)

5. Late Nights (prod. by Christian Sager)

6. Sleepwalk ft. Alice Jemima (prod. by Laura Doggett & Mogli the Iceburg)

7. Ghetto

8. Bout it ft. Canon (prod. by Mogli the Iceburg & Canon)